How To Use

Follow These Simple Steps for Correct Usage...

To get the most out of your Hydromax, follow our correct usage guide below. Please note that there are slight differences when using in the bath compared to using in the shower.


Slide Latch into Central Position

The latch valve on top of the pump has three possible positions - top, middle,

and bottom. Both the top and bottom positions ‘close’ the valve. The central

position is the ‘open’ position. Push down slightly and move latch to the central


Slide latch into central position

Select the correct comfort pad and insert into vessel


Select the Correct Comfort Pad and Insert Into Vessel

Select the correct insert comfort pad and insert it into the vessel taking care to

align the markings.

Note when using in the shower you should use the short insert, when in the

bath choose a size that is most comfortable for you.


Rotate to Show or Hide Measuring Guide

The gator and the vessel can be rotated independently so you can choose to

show the measuring guide on the top side and track your progress if you wish.

Rotate to show or hide measuring guide
Spend 5 mins Warming up

Spend 5 Mins Warming Up

Whether you are taking a bath or a shower, give yourself 5 minutes to warm up

under the water. This helps to heat your body and get the blood circulating.


Fill with Water & Insert Penis

Once you’re ready, completely fill the Hydromax with water from the shower or


Insert your penis into the Hydromax taking care not to spill too much water. Pull

the Hydromax towards your body to create a tight seal (this may take some


Fill with water and Insert penis


Pump to create Suction and Expel water

Pump to Create Suction & Expel Water

Pull the Hydromax towards your body, to expel water from the top of the

vessel. As you pump you will feel the suction increase and your penis will be

sucked further up into the pump.


Re-Pump to Maintain Pressure

The Hydromax is designed to slowly release pressure to avoid over suction

damage. As the pressure decreases, you can re-pump to re-generate the

suction. We recommend using the Hydromax for 15 minutes per day.

Re-Pump to maintain pressure


Release pressure and Remove

Release Pressure & Remove

Once you are finished with your session, you penis should be fully pumped and

filled with blood. To remove the Hydromax you will first need to release the

suction that has been created. To do this, press the valve in towards the pump.

Be sure that you press in the whole valve, not just the latch.